Crossfit for Kids Fitness

They say that it is never too early to start being fit. So if you are thinking of ways on how to get your kids into the fitness craze, why not try doing Crossfit for kids fitness? There are many adults doing Crossfit now and some think that it is only for grown ups, but nothing can be further from the truth. The exercises for crossfit can be modified in such a way that the intensity and the level of the workouts can well suit the physical capabilities of kids who want to get into kids fitness.

So what else can you expect when you enroll your kids into Crossfit? Here are some of the basics of Crossfit that you need to know:

Crossfit is not lifting weights – if you enroll your kids into a Crossfit session, you have to understand that you are not going into a traditional gym. Meaning, you do not have those basic exercise machines or equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike. What you can expect is a lot of more portable and unconventional equipment such as a truck tire, barbells, boxes, and the likes. Why is this so? That’s because in Crossfit, you use your body weight when doing the exercises. You don’t need machines that help you make the workout easier. You have to use your own strength when doing the workout, which of course gives more results because your muscles are actually being used a lot for the workout. If you use machines, you just end up not using your complete energy and the machine actually makes the workout easier for you. The result is that you don’t lose weight and you don’t develop muscles.

Crossfit changes every day – unlike other workouts where you keep on doing the same thing over and over again and for many repetitions, in crossfit, you only do it for a few reps and then change to another exercise. This way your body is constantly working out and on alert because it doesn’t know or can’t predict the amount of energy you would need to use for the next exercise.


Also, for the workouts in each crossfit session, you have to do a different one every day. This is called the WOD of workout of the day and this changes based on the level and the trainer and the people who are going to go into the program. There are also boxes who just have one WOD for everyone that participates in the sessions and you don’t have to worry about this because like mentioned before, these eercises can be modified to suit the level of the person working out. So if you are just enrolling kids and they don’t have a background on corssfit, it will be ok since they can choose to modify the workout to something more fit to their levels and something they can enjoy doing rather than forcing themselves to do it and hating the whole program.

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