Finding Your Personal Assistant

Have you thought about hiring a personal assistant ? Maybe because you have so much work lately, can’t even eat your lunch, spend so much time on mundane tasks rather than your major work so the result is more and more delays in your business. If this is the case, then consider hiring a personal assistant to help you organize your life, make it easier to schedule appointments, and bring back your focus on the real important things. But how can you find the best assistant? Here are some tips to guide you in your search.

Proactive Way of Approaching Work

Want someone who can really help organize your life and busy work schedule? Then you should find a personal assistant who has the concern and genuine passion in doing what he or she does. If you have a PA that is proactive and knows how to think into the future, then you can have a better daily work life because your PA is able to have your appointments and tasks scheduled ahead for the week and even for a month. You can have a clear vision of what you need to do in the next days so you are more confident and can focus on what you really need to do for the moment. You can also try personal assistant service in Dubai and ask for their services in finding the right PA for you.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Aside from the proactive approach to work, you also want a PA that has good communication and interpersonal skills. Why? Because you want a PA who can actually talk to your visitors or business partners when you are not around and not just stay curled up in a corner doing paper work. If people or clients encounter such a kind of PA, they will doubt your capacity to make good business decisions because your PA seems to be very anti-social and not able to direct them to you. If you want to project yourself to be a good business person, then you want to have good staff as well who are able to present themselves and communicate well with others.

Organization Skills

It is a given that personal assistants should have the common sense to know how to organize stuff better. But there are those who are sill not able to. So how do you know if the PA you are hiring is organized? You can see of course from their first appearance if they come on time for an interview. After that, you can ask them to organize your schedule for the first few weeks and see how they are able to fit everything. If you are satisfied, then you can short list them. You can also ask them about their personal experiences when it comes to organizing stuff like files, schedules, appointments, materials, etc. If they can tell you how they organized some difficult things to organize in the past, then you can have an idea of their actual experiences and know that they can make sense of your busy schedule.